New! Integrate Etsy with Inventory Planner

It’s time to start your 2020 out right!

Inventory Planner is excited to announce its new integration with Etsy.

eCommerce retailers who sell handmade, vintage, and upcycled artisan items now have access to outstanding inventory demand planning software to forecast stock and ensure their businesses run smoothly.

How do Etsy and Inventory Planner work?

Once Inventory Planner is connected to Etsy, your sales history and product information  will automatically start to sync. Use Inventory Planner’s launch guide to learn how to create accurate forecasts for your store through demand planning, customizing days of stock, and lead time.

Inventory Planner benefits for your Etsy store

  1. Aggregate multi-sales channels. Are you on more platforms than Etsy or want to expand your eCommerce reach? Inventory Planner lets you view sales and product performance not only in Etsy, but also in Amazon, eBay, Square, and other platforms.
  2. Use inventory forecasting. You don’t want to use static metrics when inventory forecasting—you want dynamic, up-to-date information. Inventory Planner uses sales velocity, which is sales / days in stock. Since it only looks at days items are in-stock, excluding those out-of-stock days means your sales reports could be inaccurate. You might underforecast the true demand, which can lead to stockouts.
  3. Forecast profit and dynamic reporting. Inventory Planner’s customizable reports mean you see the numbers that matter to you. Want to know how your store is growing? Compare sales weekly, monthly, or annually. Inventory Planner can forecast revenue based on both seasonal and nonseasonal sales.
  4. Track trends. Make the most of Inventory Planner’s reporting modules. Set the number of consecutive periods with a pattern to define a trend. Automatically pick up on trends when they appear to determine if you need more inventory.

Etsy and Inventory Planner’s new integration means that from friendly customer service to a worldwide audience to constantly updated forecasts, you have all the tools at your disposal to make your business flourish. Having your fingers on the pulse of your eCommerce site means stockouts and overstock are a thing of the past, and personalized metrics and profits will ensure your business grows.

Are you ready to get started? Connect with your store right now!