forecasting for
smarter replenishment

Forecast demand based on historical sales data and market fluctuations to ensure you always stay on top of your inventory levels.

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Invest in the right products for a healthier cash flow

Keep your best sellers flying off shelves by having the right amount of inventory to meet demand. Release cash tied up in slow-moving or overstocked items to reinvest in your most popular products.


Replenish at the
right time

Know exactly what you need to reorder and when, based on important factors such as lead time, out of stock days, seasonality and more.


All sales channels
in one place

With a centralized view of all your sales channels and inventory locations, you can replenish the right products at the right time – wherever your business requires it.

"Love that Inventory Planner helps me know when to order new inventory and prevents me from ordering too much inventory. This has truly changed our buying power in a matter of weeks."

Blake Heiner, Owner, Cruiser Gear LLC

Core Features

Accurate demand forecasting

Inventory Planner provides you with key insights to improve your demand forecasting accuracy, so you can predict demand even when the market fluctuates.



Apply the seasonal forecasting method for more accurate predictions on your seasonal products. For products that sell steadily month-to-month, choose non-seasonal forecasting and set your own time period to calculate sales trends.


Stockouts History

Get super accurate demand predictions with stockouts history. This calculates forecasts based on when an item was available, excluding the days when it was out of stock.


Lead Time

Lead time refers to the wait between placing a purchase order and receiving products. Adjust the lead time by variant or vendor to ensure stock arrives with time to spare – especially handy when supply chain issues might cause delays.


Days of Stock

Whether you order biweekly, monthly or quarterly, set your ideal ‘days of stock’ to maintain your inventory levels between replenishments. You can customize your days of stock right down to the location and product variant.


Combined Warehouses

Forecast demand for individual locations, or create a combined warehouse to see a comprehensive forecast across multiple warehouses.


Vendor Conditions

Easily view vendor requirements – such as minimum order quantities and case sizes – to create purchase orders that are processed smoothly every time.



Planning a big sale? Edit the forecast to reflect past and future promotions and order enough stock to meet peaks in demand.


Bundles and Assemblies

Get demand predictions for bundles, assemblies, and their components. With component-based replenishment recommendations, you can save time working out what’s needed to complete manufactured or kitted items.



Separately assess wholesale and retail orders for more accurate demand forecasting and replenishment in each category.

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