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No matter how customer demand shifts due to seasonality, market fluctuations, festive periods or promotions, Inventory Planner always gives you optimal accuracy.


Stay agile to shifting trends

Inventory Planner has been fine-tuning forecasting methods for 2,300+ customers over 10+ years of market ups and downs. At this point our forecasting methods are highly adept at predicting sales trends –  whether it’s because of seasonality, demand shifts, supply chain fluctuations or your own marketing efforts.


Save hours spent in error-prone spreadsheets

Let Inventory Planner do all the complex forecasting calculations for you. Your data comes through automatically from your sales channels, so you can quit spending hours on multiple spreadsheets.


Spend money on the right products

Based on Inventory Planner’s accurate sales forecasting, you’ll know where your inventory is overstocked and out of stock as well as its associated revenue and costs – so you can release cash from overstocked products and replenish your bestsellers instead.

"Love that Inventory Planner lets me know when to order new inventory and prevents me from ordering too much. This has truly changed our buying power in a matter of weeks."

Blake Heiner, Owner, Cruiser Gear LLC

Core Features

Smart, accurate sales forecasting

Inventory Planner provides flexible forecasting models and adjustments for optimal accuracy, so you can predict customer demand in a constantly changing market. 


Adaptable forecasting

Apply the seasonal forecasting method for your seasonal products – and use the flat-trending forecasting model on products that sell steadily month-to-month.


Unusual sales trends

See any recent sales shifts? No problem, just adjust your forecasting to ignore or focus on the latest sales trends. 


Forecast for new products

Use sales data from similar product categories to predict demand for a new product. Also discover the required quantity of each product variant such as sizes, styles or colours.


Assess lost revenue

Inventory Planner alerts you to how much money you’ll lose on an out-of-stock, so you can act quickly on urgent replenishments.


Exact reorder point

Inventory Planner’s replenishment recommendations consider supplier lead time and your desired stock cover days – so you’ll always make purchases at the exact right time.


Overstock costs

Items that won’t sell? Know how much cash is tied up in overstocked items so you can quickly release it and boost cash flow.


Peak season sales

Apply seasonal increases on flat-trending products, so that during peak times such as Black Friday and Christmas, you’ll have enough stock to meet demand.


Promotional sales

Planning a big sale, or repeating a past promotion? Edit the forecast to reflect past and future promotions so you can order the right amount of stock to meet the higher customer interest.


Forecast for multiple warehouses

Receive inventory forecasts for each warehouse so you can avoid endless warehouse transfers once inventory is in stock.


Bundles and assemblies

Get demand predictions for bundles, assemblies, and their components. With component-based replenishment recommendations, you can save time working out what’s needed to complete manufactured or kitted items.


Wholesale sales forecasting

Separately assess wholesale and DTC sales – for more accurate demand forecasting and replenishment in each category.



Plan data-fuelled purchasing budgets for future inventory orders to easily meet your revenue targets – an extremely useful tool for seasonal businesses or those that frequently add new products.

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