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Data-driven demand forecasting for ShipStation

Use in-depth sales history from your ShipStation account to enable smarter demand forecasting and replenishment suggestions.

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How it works


Sync to Inventory Planner

Connect your sales orders to Inventory Planner.

Customize forecast settings

Select your preferred forecasting method, enter the lead time and your purchasing frequency.

Create a purchase order

Using Inventory Planner's replenishment recommendations, create a purchase order for your supplier.

Key Features


Smart, Data-Led Demand Forecasting

Get meaningful replenishment suggestions for your products based on your sales history, so you always order the right amount of stock at the right time.


Customized Dynamic Reporting

Identify sales trends with an in-depth look at your business performance, from products to vendors. Customize each report to focus on the metrics that matter most to your business.


Easily Create Purchase Orders

Use your customized replenishment recommendations to inform and create new purchase orders.


Accurately Forecast Profits

Make faster, smarter buying decisions with full visibility into your forecasted profit and profit margins.


Control Your Bundling and Kitting Components

Order components and create Assembly Orders based on the forecasted demand for finished goods.


Manage Cash Flow with Open-To-Buy Planning

Release cash caught up in unused stock, and fill gaps in your inventory to meet revenue goals for the coming year.

Getting Started

Connect your store

Connect your ShipStation account

  • Note: ShipStation’s API does not provide stock information – you will need a second connection to supply inventory levels in order to generate replenishment recommendations.
  • Create an account in Inventory Planner.
  • Click New Connection and select ShipStation.
  • You’ll need your API Key and API Secret. Go to your ShipStation account and follow these steps to retrieve them.
  • Enter into Inventory Planner and click “Connect”.
  • Your data from ShipStation will sync to Inventory Planner automatically. You will see an alert in the lower left corner of Inventory Planner when the sync has completed.
check the replenishment report

Check out the replenishment report

  • Here comes your first replenishment report, which shows you what and how many products need to be purchased to smartly restock your inventory.
  • Each product displays forecasted profit and other key metrics, so you’ll know which key items to reorder to avoid losing revenue.
Create purchase order

Create purchase orders

  • Use Inventory Planner’s data-led replenishment suggestions to either create new purchase orders.
  • Select all required items in the replenishment report and use bulk actions to make a purchase order per supplier.
  • When you’re ready to order, email directly to your vendor from Inventory Planner.

Help Center

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