7-Day Inventory
Planning Bootcamp

Sign up to our Inventory Planning Bootcamp and become a stock planning strategist in just one week!

Inventory Planning Bootcamp

Become a stock planning strategist in one week

By signing up to this free 7-day self-paced course, you'll gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to become a stock planning master.

We'll cover key topics that will make a tangible difference to your business. You'll walk away knowing exactly how to prevent stockouts and overstocks (even when the markets are unpredictable), minimise holding costs and increase profits.

Our one-week course is delivered in short daily emails so you can learn game-changing tactics over your morning coffee.

This email course is for you if…

👍 You're tired of having cash tied up in excess stock – or you're sick of stockout hitting your bottom line (and annoying customers)

👍 You've got spreadsheets full of inventory-related data – but you feel like you lack control and strategy (and possibly rely too much on guesswork)

👍 You're considering a software solution for inventory planning and management but you aren’t sure where to start

This email course is not for you if…

👎 You aren't open to make some changes to your inventory planning approach

Our one-week course is available in short daily emails, and you’ll learn more about the following topics:

Day 1

Introduction to Inventory Planning


Day 2

How to Assess and Analyse Your Inventory Performance


Day 3

Introduction to intelligent demand forecasting


Day 4

Strategies to reduce excess stock


Day 5

Ordering Inventory When You Are on a Budget


Day 6

What to Look for in Technology Solutions for Inventory Planning and Management


Day 7

Implementing a continuous improvement mindset

"In just seven days, this Inventory Planning Bootcamp will transform the way you approach stock planning. The content is incredibly concise yet packed with valuable insights – it gets straight to the point. Highly recommended for those who want maximum impact in minimal time."
"This course is a must for anyone navigating the complexities of inventory software selection."

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