Intuitive Reporting

Get in-depth performance insights with meaningful reports


Versatile reporting

Run detailed reports by product, brand, supplier and warehouse to get a 360-degree view of your business performance.


Choose the KPIs that matter the most

With an extensive list of available KPIs, you can report on the ones that matter most to your business and make data-driven decisions.


Discover how your business is trending

Compare your business performance to any other time period to identify red flags or opportunities for improvement.

"Inventory Planner identifies products that need re-ordering that otherwise would get missed – it’s a must-have for helping me forecast what to buy."

Kamilla Vinding, founder and owner of MamaMilla

Core Features

First-class reporting for smarter decisions

Make crucial reports with a wide range of metrics to get a complete picture of your business and make more informed decisions


Inventory KPIs

Choose from over 200 different metrics that can be applied at various levels, such as variant, product, brand, supplier, bundle, assembly, warehouse and more – to make the reports most useful to you. 



Identify items that are overstocked and see their associated costs, then liquidate or discount them to release cash.



Know how much revenue you’ll lose if an item is not reordered at the suggested time. Reorder the items that matter the most to your cash flow. 


Assortment reports

Use Assortment reports to see sales trends and inventory performance by groupings such as brand, vendor, category and more.


Periodic reports

Compare performance insights between customizable time periods to spot sales trends and improvement opportunities. 


In-depth reporting

Our reports can be as granular or as general as you like – simply tweak the settings according to variants, bundles, assembly, product category, warehouse or vendor. Or create customized tags to report on anything specific. 

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