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Only ever pay for what you need thanks to our simple utility pricing model. The price you pay is based on your annual revenue – it’s transparent, fair and means you’ll never be overcharged.

Simply tell us a bit about your business and we'll create a tailored pricing plan.

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What you'll get

Core functionality to accurately forecast demand and plan inventory

Next-level benefits for bigger brands

  • Reliable sales forecasting that works for all your products including seasonal, non-seasonal, fast-selling, slow-moving, retail and wholesale products
  • Smart purchasing recommendations at product, variant, bundle, assembly, vendor and warehouse levels
  • Intuitive, customizable reporting with critical metrics to your cash flow
  • Unlimited user accounts to keep your whole team aligned
  • Hassle-free purchase order management
  • 30+ Plug & Play integrations

Next-level benefits for bigger brands

  • Expert-led implementation and configuration to set you up for success at lightning speed
  • Bespoke training for all users
  • Unlimited priority access to premium support
  • Front-of-the-queue access to our new, cutting-edge features
  • Automated workflows including PO scheduling, reporting presets and more so you can easily manage product purchasing at scale
  • Low-density server plus dedicated infrastructure to handle large data volumes
"We’re a seasonal business. Being able to accurately forecast our stock needs using Inventory Planner has been a huge help – we no longer have to spend hours on spreadsheets!"

Alvaro Gomez, Co-Founder of Jimmy Lion.

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