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Inventory Planner

For small businesses with fewer than 10,000 SKUs or up to 3 warehouses.

Starting from

$119.99 /month

  • Up to 10,000 SKUs
  • Up to 3 warehouses
  • Complete demand forecasting
  • Advanced replenishment suggestions
  • Hassle-free PO creation
  • Easy reporting
  • Unlimited users

Inventory Planner Premium

For brands with more than 10,000 SKUs or 4+ warehouses.

Starting from

$599.99 /month

  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Unlimited warehouses
  • Complete demand forecasting
  • Advanced replenishment suggestions
  • Hassle-free PO creation
  • Easy reporting
  • Unlimited users
  • Advanced features – including PO scheduling, reporting presets and more
  • Low density server/dedicated infrastructure – so no glitches or slowing down when orders spike
  • Expert-led implementation to optimize set-up and ensure success
  • Priority access to premium support, as often as you like
  • Front-of-the-queue access to our newest, cutting-edge features
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How do I set up a free trial?

It’s easy! To start, simply enter your name, email address and a password to create your account. Next, follow the step-by-step instructions to set up your first connection and configure your account.

What does the 14-day free trial include?

Your 14-day free trial of Inventory Planner includes all the core features, from demand forecasting and replenishment suggestions to PO creation and reporting. Customize user permissions to limit access to certain data and sections of the system (such as Replenishment, Purchase Orders and Transfers).

Why should I go for Inventory Planner Premium?

Inventory Planner Premium is designed for mid to large companies with more than 3 warehouses or 10,000 SKUs. We know that to get results, bigger brands require specialist implementation (including data configuration and advanced automation of workflows). Our Premium plan includes custom implementation by our team of trained retail experts, with access to priority support. Inventory Planner Premium offers advanced features designed with the unique needs of large merchants in mind.

I’m not sure which plan suits my needs better. What should I do?

Start with a 14-day free trial to see how Inventory Planner helps save time on purchasing and provides custom, data-led insights into your business performance. Meanwhile, feel free to reach out to our experts who will help you pick the right plan and answer any questions you may have. Get in touch now.

Do I need to provide any data in the free trial?

Yes, Inventory Planner makes demand forecasts and replenishment suggestions based on your real sales and inventory data. We recommend you sync at least one sales channel or inventory system during the free trial – you’ll get accurate forecasting and purchasing suggestions to help you truly see Inventory Planner’s power. Don’t worry – your data is kept secure and confidential, and no changes to your current systems are made.

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