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Reduce inventory holding costs, boost cash flow

With Inventory Planner’s reliable demand forecasting and inventory purchasing recommendations


Best-in-class overstock report

Insights you won’t get anywhere else, like last sold date, overstock units and overstock costs, so you can quickly decide which items to liquidate first to protect your bottom line. 


High-accuracy forecasting

Dedicated demand forecasting models for ultimate accuracy. Seasonal, non-seasonal, retail and wholesale products are catered for, while trends, spikes and supply issues are factored in.


Simple buying recommendations

Get purchasing recommendations for all SKUs, brands, custom categories, suppliers and locations based on up-to-date demand forecasts, saving time and eliminating errors. 


Multi-location inventory planning

Get warehouse transfer and buying recommendations for all inventory locations including your own warehouses, brick and mortar stores, FBAs and 3PLs. 


Shorter purchasing cycles

Tailor your purchasing frequency to boost cash flow. Shorten your purchasing cycle on easy-to-get items, while keeping a margin on items with supply issues. 


Bundling and assembling made simple

Break down your forecasts at component level, so you always know what you need for your bundles and assemblies – and when to order.


Align your marketing with inventory planning

Sync your inventory purchasing with your marketing campaigns, so you won’t frustrate hard-won new customers by running out of stock.


Open-To-Buy planning

Plan your buying budgets by month or retail weeks to meet your goals, factoring in variables including previous years’ revenue, expected margins and retail price.


Powerful yet intuitive reporting

200+ meaningful metrics so you can quickly understand your bestsellers, slow-movers, periodic sales trends, forecasted demand, inventory performance alongside marketing metrics pulled from Google Analytics.

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"Using Inventory Planner, we were able to cut out ‘days of outstanding inventory’ in half – which freed up around $1.5M. In today’s environment, who wouldn’t want a million dollar cash buffer?"

Kevin Dalaeli, President and COO, Kos