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How it works

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Sync to Inventory Planner

Inventory Planner pulls product information, sales orders, and shipments from your Shopify store.
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Customize forecast settings

Select forecasting methods, enter the lead time, and your purchasing frequency.
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Create a purchase order

Using Inventory Planner’s replenishment recommendations, create a purchase order for your supplier.

Receive stock

Scan or enter received units in Inventory Planner to update on order information.
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Sync to Shopify

Optionally push received stock to Shopify to update your inventory levels.
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Key features


Optimize inventory for multiple locations


Transfer stock between multiple locations


Customize reporting to identify sales trends


Purchasing budget using Open-to-Buy planning


Increase stock in Shopify after receiving inventory


Forecast demand for bundles, assemblies, and their components

Get Started

Connect your store

Connect your Shopify store

  • Create an account in Inventory Planner.
  • Choose your platform as Shopify and click “Sync” button.
  • Sales history and product information syncs automatically.
  • The first sync can take a while to compute replenishment suggestions for all your products.
check the replenishment report

Check out the replenishment report

  • The replenishment report shows you which and how many products need to be purchased.
  • For each product, view forecasted profit including platform fees and buy box pricing to see which products to sell.

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Frequently asked questions about Shopify and Inventory Planner


Does Inventory Planner manage or change stock levels?

Inventory Planner is mostly read only service. We don’t create/edit/remove any products or sales orders. With a Shopify connection, you can optionally update stock quantities when you mark your products as received in purchase orders. This step is explicit and cannot be done by accident.


Can I add more than one Shopify account to Inventory Planner?

Yes, you can add multiple Shopify Seller Central accounts to one Inventory Planner account. Inventory Planner connections with Shopify accounts for countries and regions worldwide.


Does Inventory Planner work for Shopify Plus stores?

Yes, Inventory Planner helps growing stores to scale operations while increasing profits. Forecasting for multiple locations optimizes stock levels at each location. Avoiding stockouts by having needed inventory on hand increases revenue and supports store growth.


Does Inventory Planner work with brick and mortar stores using Shopify POS?

Inventory Planner can be used on the Shopify POS app. This ‘light’ version of Inventory Planner complements the full-featured version installed through the Shopify App Store. There is no additional charge to use Inventory Planner through your Shopify POS store (regular charges apply to use Inventory Planner in your Shopify store).

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