Make inventory purchases with confidence

Know exactly how much inventory you need and when you need it to meet forecasted customer demand


Buy inventory at the right time to avoid out-of-stocks

Know exactly when you need to buy extra inventory – based on forecasted sales, lead time, and your desired stock cover days. Plus, view the potential revenue loss due to an out-of-stock caused by delayed purchasing, so you can reorder the items that have the most impact on your bottom line.


No more overstocks

Gain full visibility of all your overstocked items and the cash tied up in each, so you can discount the top ‘cash drainers’ to free up more capital for better investments. Plus, your overstock rate should drop if you consistently follow Inventory Planner’s purchasing recommendations.


Speed up purchasing

Save hours spent on manually creating purchase orders. With Inventory Planner, simply follow the replenishment recommendations to create purchase orders in just a few clicks!

"Inventory Planner transformed our reordering process from an hours-long job to literally 10 minutes. Before, we had two people doing purchasing... now we can do all the purchasing in two hours."

Kevin Possell, General Manager of Weiners

Core Features

Faster and smarter purchasing

Buy the right amount of inventory at the right time for the right location – thanks to accurate and customized sales forecasting


When to buy

Use the lead time and desired stock cover days to discover when you need to reorder to avoid going out of stock.


What to buy

Choose from 200+ metrics, using the ones that matter most to your business to identify your bestsellers. Get purchasing recommendations for those products to make sure you always meet customer demand.



Use the Overstock report to identify all your overstocked items and the associated costs. Discount or liquidate the items that are the biggest drains on your cash flow.


Purchase orders

In your Replenishment report, get a full view of all items that need to be reordered to avoid potential revenue loss. Create purchase orders directly from the report in just a few clicks.


Container loading optimization

Scale your purchase order based on the space available or weight allowed in a shipping container.


Supplier management

Make purchasing more precise with access to vendor-specific information – including costs, SKU/reference, case size, minimums, contact information, payment terms, and shipping methods.



Avoid overstocking items by counting incoming returns into your forecasted inventory quantities.


Warehouse transfers

Make sure an item isn’t overstocked in one warehouse and understocked in another before placing a new purchase order. If it is, easily transfer inventory from one warehouse to another.


Low stock alerts

Be notified when a product is likely to sell out and it’s time to reorder.


Receive/Push stock

Receive, then push stock from a recent vendor shipment to see inventory levels automatically update on your website.


Two-way sync

Swiftly sync purchase orders and transfers to your inventory management system, and vice versa.



Gain in-depth insights on your inventory by variant, product category, bundle, assembly, warehouse, and vendor. Plus, get full visibility of receiving history and delivery schedules for all your pending purchase orders.

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