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Data-driven replenishment

Get replenishment suggestions at product level based on data-driven demand forecasting. View the potential revenue loss for each out of stock product in your inventory.


Create purchase orders in
a few clicks

Speed up purchasing with the Replenishment Report. Simply select the products you want to reorder to generate purchase orders in bulk. We’ll even adjust your replenishment recommendations accordingly.


Avoid unnecessary
sales loss

Get alerted in advance when it’s time to reorder a low-running product – the new stock will arrive in time and you won’t lose any revenue in the interim.

"This app turned calculating how much to order from hours to literally 10min. Not only does it recommend what you should buy, but also you can see and adjust all the information and forecast settings impacting that recommendation. Before we had 2 people doing purchasing.....now we can do purchasing in 2 hours"

Kevin Possell, General Manager of Weiners

Core Features

Faster and smarter purchasing

Data-driven demand forecasting combined with fast reordering to supercharge your purchasing process


Purchase Orders

In your Replenishment Report, get a full view of all items that need to be reordered to avoid potential revenue loss. Create purchase orders directly from the report in just a few clicks.


Container loading optimization

Scale your purchase order based on the space available or weight allowed in a shipping container.


Two-way sync

Swiftly sync purchase orders and transfers to your inventory management system, and vice versa.


Receive/Push stock

Receive, then push stock from a recent vendor shipment to see inventory levels automatically update on your website.


Supplier management

Make purchasing more precise with access to vendor-specific information, including costs, SKU/reference, case size, minimums, contact information, payment terms, and shipping methods.


Warehouse transfers

If stock is required elsewhere, easily create transfers to move items from one warehouse to another.


Low stock alerts

Be notified when a product is likely to sell out and it’s time to reorder.


Tier pricing

Use tiered pricing information to make more informed ordering decisions.



Gain in-depth reports on receiving history and delivery schedules for all your pending purchase orders.


Expected arrival date

How much stock will arrive and when is factored into your replenishment recommendations, so you can reorder stock with all the info you need.

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