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Transforming Risk into Profits

Our exclusive inventory masterclass series is packed with expert insights and strategies for success from well-known names in e-commerce and retail - created to help you avoid risk and boost profit.

Every month we'll cover a key topic, from reducing excess stock and holding costs through to inventory strategies proven to boost sales. Dip in and out as you like to discover everything you need to increase your margins, save time and de-risk your inventory planning and purchasing.

Webinar : 22nd Feb 2024, 4 pm GMT / 11 am EST

How to Slash Your Stock Holding Costs and Maximize Profits​

How much is your inventory storage really costing you? Spoiler alert: it’s probably more than you think – and it’s definitely hurting your profits.  

 Holding costs should ideally be limited to 15-30% of total inventory value, but sadly many brands right now are burdened with costs as high as 50-60%. This ties up too much cash and limits profits as well as day-to-day operations.   

But there’s good news.   

 In our upcoming masterclass, you can gain exclusive insights and strategies for slashing stock holding, accelerating stock turn, and boosting revenue.   

Our expert panel, including Nicky Spear of Bower Collective and Michael Hodgen of Freedom Rave Wear will share firsthand how they’ve achieved some frankly remarkable results – and how you can implement the same playbook to transform your business. 

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