Upcoming Training – September 2020

September 2020 is full of training sessions to learn more about demand forecasting, inventory control, and using Inventory Planner. Here’s what’s on the schedule:

Topic: Metrics & Reporting: What data to use and when

When: September 10, 2020 11am – 12pm EDT

Description: Struggling with data overload? Not sure how to get the information you need in order to make decisions? Trying to coordinate inventory orders with receiving and accounting information?

In this webinar on metrics and reporting in Inventory Planner, we’ll cover:
– How to assess the overall financial health of your inventory
– How to prioritize what to order
– Assessing which items are overstocked and by how much
– Which reports to use to provide necessary information to your accountant, bookkeeper, and your receiving/warehouse team
– What reports can provide insight for new product launches

Topic: Forecast Customer Demand to Optimize Inventory

When: September 15, 2020 11am – 12pm EDT

Description: Join the Inventory Planner team for a best practice webinar and a Q&A session on how to replenish inventory with Inventory Planner.

Learn how to use customer sales history to forecast what and how much inventory will be purchased in the future. Save time and increase accuracy using Inventory Planner recommendations.

This webinar covers:

  • An introduction to demand forecasting
  • How to customize forecast methods and settings
  • How to factor in vendor conditions like minimum order size and case quantities
  • How to create a purchase order using replenishment recommendations

Topic:  Holiday Preparation in a COVID-Era for Direct to Consumer Brands

When:  September 16, 2020 1pm-1:45pm EDT


Planning for the holiday season can be stressful at the best of times. COVID has only heightened the need to properly prepare to ensure you’re operationally in the best spot for success. We have brought together a cross-section of industry cloud experts to help advise, navigate some of the key questions facing direct-to-consumer eCommerce brands:

1. Amazon

  • Optimizing your Amazon Ad Spend
  • Preparing your Listings
  • FBA Inventory Planning – Key dates and strategy

2. Forecasting

  • Key considerations with COVID when looking at your past f12mo sales history

3. Fulfillment

  • Servicing customers (tips and tricks to differentiating)
  • How do I ensure I don’t stockout over the holidays?

4. Connected Commerce

  • Importance of streamlining backend operations
  • Trends in where direct to consumer brands are expanding their market presence

5. Financial

  • Managing cash flows effectively over the holidays

Topic: Advanced forecasting and inventory control techniques

When: September 30, 2020 11am – 12pm EDT

Description: After mastering the basics of forecasting customer demand, you’re ready to implement advanced techniques in order to:

  • Improve cashflow and stockturn
  • Refine forecast accuracy
  • Set priorities and identify key metrics to watch

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