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Topic: Forecast Customer Demand to Optimize Inventory

Description: Join the Inventory Planner team for a best practice webinar and a Q&A session on how to replenish inventory with Inventory Planner.

Learn how to use customer sales history to forecast what and how much inventory will be purchased in the future. Save time and increase accuracy using Inventory Planner recommendations.

This webinar covers:

  • An introduction to demand forecasting
  • How to customize forecast methods and settings
  • How to factor in vendor conditions like minimum order size and case quantities
  • How to create a purchase order using replenishment recommendations

December 22 12 pm CET, 11 am GMT, 1 pm SAST, 4 pm GST register here

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December 22, 3 pm EST / 2 pm CST / 1 pm MST / 12 pm PST register here

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December 23, 12 pm NZDT, 10 am AEDT, 8 am JST register here

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December 29, 2020