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New Square + Inventory Planner Integration

Inventory Planner is pleased to announce the launch of a new integration with Square. This partnership will be beneficial to current users of both Inventory Planner and Square because it will give eCommerce merchants access to powerful demand planning software along with the ease of simple website design, the freedom of remote point of sale systems, and the accuracy of data-driven reports.

How will it work?

To connect Square and Inventory Planner, use Inventory Planner’s launch guide to learn how to create accurate forecasts for your store by customizing your inventory data for all your products. Sales history and product information from Square will sync to Inventory Planner. Replenishment recommendations in Inventory Planner can quickly and easily be used to create a purchase order for suppliers.

I am a current Inventory Planner user. How do I benefit to integration with Square?

Though it started as a mobile payment system, Square has quickly cultivated a reputation as a user-friendly eCommerce website creator. Square can be quickly set up to handle both online and in-person transactions. Whether setting up a new website or taking your goods on the go for a pop-up event, Square is a light-weight, easy to use sales platform.

I already use Square. How do I benefit from an integration with Inventory Planner?

You use Square because you can quickly and easily create an eCommerce site, accept payments, and generate reports. No coding or advanced computer skills are needed to perform these tasks.

Inventory Planner can enhance Square’s analytics when your reporting needs are more sophisticated. Use demand forecasting helps you figure out what’s not selling. Those forecasts take into account such things as seasonality, out-of-stock periods, average sales, trends, and product lead time.

Once you have a demand forecast, you know what you need to replenish. A great replenishment report shows all the products at a glance – even the quantities – that must be reordered. It can even generate an estimate of potential lost revenue due to being out of stock. You can use the report for individual products or aggregated sales of vendors, categories, or brands.

Inventory Planner’s overstock identification indicates what inventory is selling slowly and allows you to take action. If an item is overstocked according to current sales and projections, analyze the data to determine why the item isn’t selling.

This demand forecasting can also help sellers manage multiple warehouses. Inventory Planner’s forecast demand for each warehouse allows you to maximize your inventory investment. You have only what you for your store, thereby avoiding excess inventory and stockouts, meaning you have the capital you need to invest in your inventory and in your business.

Does your website offer bundles or kits? Reports generated in Inventory Planner allow you to forecast bundles and kits demand and let you to easily create POs for the necessary components, all while transferring the assembled bundles to where you need them quickly.

Ready to get started? Connect with your Square store with Inventory Planner right now!