October Training and Events: Linn Academy, Introduction to Inventory Planning and More!

As the end of the year approaches with Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend and holiday shopping, preparing for increased sales is well underway. We have several events and training opportunities this month to help you maximize revenue and save time.


October 6 -7, 2021: Linn Academy

We’re proud to sponsor Linn Academy 2021, a virtual conference bringing together industry experts from some of the world’s leading eCommerce platforms, marketplaces and brands to provide attendees with the latest insights and trends from the world of online retail.


Tune in to learn from industry experts to improve your brand. We’ll cover top tips for inventory planning in an unpredictable economy.


October 20, 2021: Forecast Customer Demand to Optimize Inventory

Join the Inventory Planner team for a best practice webinar and a Q&A session on how to replenish inventory with Inventory Planner.

Learn how to use customer sales history to forecast what and how much inventory will be purchased in the future. Save time and increase accuracy using Inventory Planner recommendations.

This webinar covers:

  • An introduction to demand forecasting
  • How to customize forecast methods and settings
  • How to factor in vendor conditions like minimum order size and case quantities
  • How to create a purchase order using replenishment recommendations

This session is best for people who are new to Inventory Planner or would like to review account configuration and foundational concepts.


October 27, 2021: Forecasting Demand for Bundles, Assemblies, and Components

Learn how to forecast demand for bundles and assemblies including ordering components. Configuring bundles and assemblies in Inventory Planner ensures that demand for components is accurately forecasted. Bundles are virtual ‘kits’ where the stock of the components and of the bundle are tied together. Assemblies are goods sold after components are assembled – the stock of assemblies is separate from component stock.


If you’d like to check out prior training and events, our YouTube channel has recordings you can check out on your own time and at your own pace.