LOCATE Inventory + Inventory Planner Now Available!

Inventory Planner is pleased to announce their new partnership with LOCATE. Combine LOCATE’s ERP system with Inventory Planner’s inventory demand planning software and you have a dynamic system that forecasts demand, creates the accounting reports you want, prioritizes workflow, and leverages your profits.

Inventory Planner Advantages for LOCATE Users

  • Use inventory forecasting. Anticipate customer demand by accurately forecasting the sales velocity and identifying trends of each variant. Taking stockouts into consideration and customized forecasting methods mean improved forecasting accuracy, saved time on purchasing, and better investment of available budgets.
  • Forecast profit and dynamic reporting. Use Inventory Planner’s customizable reports to see only the statistics that matter to you. Do you want to compare sales weekly, monthly, or annually? Inventory Planner can let you do all three to forecast future sales and profit.
  • Control bundles and kits. Forecast demand for bundles and kits with Inventory Planner’s reports while easily creating POs for the necessary components. Bundle assemblies and warehouse/location transfers can be managed from Inventory Planner as well.
  • Replenish multiple warehouses. View customer demand across warehouses, retail stores, pop-ups, or any other place you stock and manage your inventory. Inventory Planner’s sales forecasting means you know which locations are over- and understocked, if you must transfer items between locations, or if you need to order from your supplier and ship to a specific location.

What LOCATE Can Do for Inventory Planner Users

  • Pick and pack. Improve fulfillment efficiency with LOCATE’s customized settings – picking can be done in waves by order, part, or even line order. Maximize your profits by setting your preferences to have the oldest inventory go out first. Packing modules capture all the details of your packages, be they in a box or on a pallet. LOCATE also has a mobile warehouse app for increased efficiency and fewer packing errors.
  • Accounting powerhouse. Don’t worry about filling up accounting databases – LOCATE gives you all the data you need to help you scale your business. Keep detailed records with LOCATE’s internal ledgers and customizable account mappings.
  • Monitor your sales. Want to handle issues before they become problems? LOCATE ensures you never sell out before purchases are made with its inventory reservations and alerts for customer credit limits and operation alerts to your warehouses. Its real-time order fulfillment with tracking data means you always have a bird’s-eye view of your business.

This new partnership between LOCATE and Inventory Planner’s is a win-win for eCommerce merchants. Get up-to-the minute reports the way you want them, manage your workflow for maximum efficiency, and avoid stockouts and overstock. With LOCATE and Inventory Planner, you are in control knowing the right items go to the right customers at the right time.

Do you want to get started? Connect your store right now!