Case Studies

New Integration – Unleashed Software

We’re excited to launch a new integration with Unleashed Software. This partnership will provide benefits to current users of Unleashed and Inventory Planner.

For current Inventory Planner users, what is the benefit to integration with Unleashed? What type of store is the best fit?

Sellers who also manufacture or make their own products and order raw or component materials are a great fit for Unleashed. Unleashed manages assembly of raw materials, tracking cost and wastage during production.

Using current stock, Unleashed also calculates how many finished products can be assembled.

For current Unleashed users, what is the benefit of integrating with Inventory Planner?

Inventory Planner brings insight to forecasting and ordering. Using sales history, Inventory Planner shows forecasted sales.

Using replenishment amounts based on customer demand, creating Purchase Orders is simple.

How does it work?

Once Unleashed and Inventory Planner are connected, the first sync of sales history and product information will begin. The Inventory Planner launch guide shows news users how to create the most accurate forecast for their store through customizing lead time and days of stock.

Once setup is complete, Purchase Orders are created in Inventory Planner using replenishment recommendations. Saved Purchase Orders are instantly synced with Unleashed.

Ready to get started? Connect your store now!