Best Inventory Planning System For Enterprise-level Brands

Unrivalled Inventory Intelligence for High-Volume Retailers

Get a bigger return on your inventory investment with accurate forecasting, reliable buying suggestions and advanced analytics.


Boost cash flow

by stopping stockouts and overstock


Easy-to-understand performance data

to empower your team to make faster, smarter profit-driven decisions


Unlimited seats

for company-wide collaboration


Consolidate all sales and inventory data

in one hub for complete clarity


Plan beyond your next PO

with market-leading supply planning


Connect seamlessly

to leading ERPs, IMS, or other tools and apps

Power Up With Enterprise-Level Forecasting

COOs and Buyers across the world count on Inventory Planner

"Using Inventory Planner, we were able to cut out ‘days of outstanding inventory’ in half – which freed up around $1.5M. In today’s environment, who wouldn’t want a million dollar cash buffer?"

Kevin Dalaeli, President and COO, Kos

"Inventory Planner is packed with nuggets-of-gold features that have transformed our business."

Trevor Martin, Vice President Operations, Snow

"Inventory Planner has definitely been an enabler for growth. Having an accurate, top-line profit margin at all times allows us to effectively manage our bottom line."

Richard Udeze, Financial Director at Maniere De Voir

Features for Retail & Industry Leaders


Easily sync your systems

Connect to leading platforms and ERPs for a powerful, flexible tech stack that can effortlessly handle rapid growth.


Best-in-class forecasting

Customize forecasts to suit your business, factoring in seasonality, marketing, abnormal sales spikes and customer demand shifts for ultimate accuracy.


Intelligent supply planning

Gain certainty beyond your next PO and plan for healthy cash flow long-term with cutting-edge planning tools, including Open-to-Buy (OTB).


Advanced insights

Analyze SKU-level contribution margins, ad spend, and customer metrics, including the true cost of acquistion, to intelligently guide decisions on discounting, pricing adjustments and advertising strategies.


Trends analysis

Spot new trends a mile off and maintain your competitive edge thanks to advanced demand forecasting algorithms and intuitive buying recommendations.


Multi-location planning

Forecast for multiple inventory locations and get proactive warehouse transfer recommendations so you don’t waste cash on new stock when there’s existing stock that can be moved.


Exec-level reports

Support decision making with customized and automated summaries for whoever needs access, including deep-dive, granular insights when you need them – all from one centralized hub.


Automated POs

Use Inventory Planner’s configurable reports to Automatically turn your buying recommendations into POs, saving time and eliminating the risk of lost revenue due stockouts and overstock. Adjust to meet vendor minimums, case sizes, container sizes and more.


Proven performance at scale

10+ year proven track record supporting high-volume, fast-growth enterprise-level brands. Plan for tens of thousands of SKUs in multi-locations without breaking a sweat.