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Orderhive + Inventory Planner Integration

Inventory Planner is pleased to announce their new partnership with Orderhive. This means that eCommerce retailers now have coordinated sales orders, inventory demand planning, and shipping management software at their fingertips. From warehouse to the customer, you have access to everything you need to make your business flourish.

How does it work?

Once Orderhive and Inventory Planner are connected, sync your sales history and product information. Use Inventory Planner’s launch guide to learn how to create the most accurate forecast for your eCommerce store through customizing days of stock and lead time.

Orderhive and How It Helps Inventory Planner Users

  • eCommerce automation. With custom and time-based triggers, you can set alerts to let you know when inventory needs to be ordered. Creating customized conditions ensures your criteria are met before you order more than you need, thereby avoiding overstock.
  • Purchase management. Manage all your sellers in one application for easier communication, stay up-to-date on all your POs, and generate complex, error-free POs in this one system.
  • Multi-channel integration. Orderhive has partnered with dozens of platforms and software applications. It really is a central one-stop shop for your multiple integrations and multi-channel sales.
  • Amazon compatibility. Integrate your FBA account and easily transfer your merchandise to your FBA warehouse. Are you an SFP seller? Let Orderhive expedite the process with direct shipment to consumers, your choice of shipping carriers, and automated workflow.

Benefits of Inventory Planner for Orderhive Users

  • Use inventory forecasting. Sales velocity is sales / days in stock. Since it only looks at in-stock days, it is important to use the sales velocity because excluding those days out-of-stock means your sales reports are inaccurate. That could lead you to underforecast true demand, and that will lead to stockouts.
  • Forecast profit and dynamic reporting. Sales velocity is always a dynamic metric, providing you an up-to-the-minute snapshot of your eCommerce site. Inventory Planner’s customizable reports means you see the statistics that matter to you. Compare sales weekly, monthly, or annually to see how your business is growing and forecast future sales and profit.
  • Track trends. Make further use of Inventory Planner’s powerful reporting modules. It automatically picks up on trends when they appear. This field sets the number of consecutive periods with a pattern to define a trend.
  • Control bundles and kits. Too many pieces of the puzzle to keep track of? Inventory Planner reports allow you to forecast demand for bundles and kits while allowing you to easily create POs for the necessary components, all while transferring the assembled bundles to where you need them quickly and easily.

Orderhive and Inventory Planner’s new partnership means that your entire inventory is accessible how you want, when you want. Managing your suppliers, POs, shipments, and warehouses is now all under one roof, meaning your customers will have the right product quickly shipped at the right time.

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