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Inventory Planner now integrates with ShipHero

Inventory Planner is pleased to unveil the launch of a new integration with ShipHero. This partnership gives eCommerce retailers access to state-of-the-art, easy-to use inventory demand planning software combined with a warehouse management system (WMS).

How does it work?

Once ShipHero and Inventory Planner are connected sales history and product information will be used to create a demand forecast. Use Inventory Planner’s launch guide to learn how to create the most accurate forecast for your store through customizing days of stock and lead time.

ShipHero and How It Helps Inventory Planner Users

  • Track inventory. Your needs have grown beyond Excel spreadsheets. ShipHero lets you import all your stock information via CSV or API. Track inventory availability and synchronize it with all your eCommerce stores across multiple platforms.
  • Manage information for all your SKUs. Assign all the information you need to your SKUs and barcodes. Not only is ShipHero designed for easy use on Amazon, but you can track barcodes for your many online platforms. ShipHero’s inventory log tracks all your barcodes, item dimensions, and price value. This gives you a historical log so you can record variant changes over time.
  • Increase pick and pack efficiency. Do you have issues with the wrong item going to customers? ShipHero’s uniform SKU information will lead to a reduction in errors for employees who work in product fulfillment. It also has a mobile app for iOS that allows workers to pull inventory using tablets or any device with barcode scanners, thus reducing mix-ups and leading to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Automatically set alerts. Want to know what to order without scrolling through pages of inventory? ShipHero lets you set reorder levels for any SKU you want, so you can get timely alerts when stock levels are low. You can also set the order amount as a default.

Benefits of Inventory Planner for ShipHero Users

  • Use inventory forecasting. Create a more accurate demand forecast by looking at purchases when products are available for sale. By excluding out of stock days, Inventory Planner creates a better forecast of how many units customers will want to buy. Without factoring in prior out of stock dates, you could be in a vicious cycle of not having enough inventory to meet customer demand.
  • Forecast profit and dynamic reporting. Sales velocity is always a dynamic metric, providing more than a simple snapshot of your customer demand. Inventory Planner allows you to set the forecast dates so you can see both seasonal and nonseasonal sales, which permits you to order the correct quantity when you need it, avoiding overstock.
  • Track trends. Inventory Planner’s forecasting automatically picks up on trends when they appear. Increasing trends in demand will be reflected in your forecast, ensuring you have enough stock on hand for popular products.
  • Replenish multiple warehouses. Whether you buy for retail stores, warehouses, pop-ups, drop-shippers, or any other place where inventory is stocked and managed. Knowing demand for each location for each product ensures you’re making the best investment with your purchasing budget. You can know which locations are over- and understocked on particular items, if you must transfer items from one location to another, or if you need to order from your supplier and ship inventory to a specific location.

This partnership between ShipHero and Inventory Planner means you have only what you need on the shelves, avoiding stockouts and excess inventory, thereby allowing you to have the right products in the right place at the right time.

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