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Our exclusive inventory masterclass series is packed with expert insights and strategies for success from well-known names in e-commerce and retail - created to help you avoid risk and boost profit.

Every month we'll cover a key topic, from reducing excess stock and holding costs through to inventory strategies proven to boost sales. Dip in and out as you like to discover everything you need to increase your margins, save time and de-risk your inventory planning and purchasing.

Webinar : 25th Apr 2024, 4 pm GMT / 11 am EST

How to Master Sustainability: Strategies for Green Innovation

In retail, sustainability isn’t a buzzword anymore — it’s crucial. Brands globally produce huge amounts of waste yearly, with fashion alone accounting for 92 million tons annually, mainly from unsold goods. 

 Join our next Inventory Masterclass to discover how to embrace sustainability within your business and why it isn’t just good for the planet – it can also be great for your sales! 

Our leading panel of experts, including spokespeople from verified B Corp agency 5874 Commerce, The Charity Hub, HubBox, and Flare as well as a leading sustainable brand (TBA) will dive into the importance of sustainability in today’s retail landscape, both from a brand and consumer perspective. They’ll also reveal how to leverage technology for green innovation, from cutting carbon emissions with advanced inventory planning to minimizing waste using real-time analytics and eco-friendly practices. 

Don’t miss this Masterclass! Register now and join the conversation on how to make sustainability a cornerstone of your future success and growth. 

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