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The state of Inventory in 2024 US

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Elevate Your Inventory Management in 2024

Do you struggle with accurate demand forecasting? Interested in how AI and Trend-Driven Forecasting might impact on your inventory management processes this year?Then we have the report for you! Dive into 2024 ‘The State of Inventory’ report and discover the following:

  • The stats that reveal how retailers like you feel about inventory
  • Why excess stock and stockouts are such a major problem – and what can be done about it
  • Why traditional fixes like safety stock and discounting might be doomed to fail
  • Whether trends like AI forecasting and open-to-buy planning should be on your radar

If you are looking to upgrade your approach to inventory planning and management in 2024, then ‘The State of Inventory’ will give you a great head start.What are you waiting for? Download your checklist today.

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