Out Now: Your Unmissable Guide to Cutting New Year Inventory Overhang 

Still got stacks of stock sitting in your warehouse that you hoped to shift during peak season? Think it’s not a big deal? Think again.

The problem of excess inventory is something that ecommerce merchants have to face every year. After the holiday season and January discounting, up to half of all online retailers are left with an overstock of unsold goods.

Hard to shift excess stock, alongside factors like rapidly rising prices and unpredictable consumer behavior, are causing cash flow chaos for retailers everywhere. Excess stock is the biggest threat to online brands like yours right now. 

Don’t worry though, we have you covered. There are steps you can take to reduce inventory surplus and boost your bottom line and they’re all revealed in our brand new guide: Post Peak Excess Stock: Why It’s A Major Issue And What You Should Do About It 

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💬 Honest insight and advice from real e-commerce brands, including Michael Tomchin, founder of Cycology, who says: “It’s of absolutely no value to have heaps of the wrong sizes and it’s a massive risk to cash. You need to be able to match your selling pattern with your stock on a variant level – but to try to do that manually is very daunting.”

📅 How you can proactively prepare to avoid excess stock when peak season 2023 comes around

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Our new FREE report unveils the shocking extent of the excess stock problem and why it is the number one risk to the long-term health of your business.

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