ecomdash Integration Announcement

Inventory Planner is pleased to announce its new integration with ecomdash. This partnership gives eCommerce retailers access to diversify your product offerings and forecast your inventory and revenue.

Ecomdash Benefits for Inventory Planner Users

  1. Order management. With ecomdash, you can speed up shipping by creating pick lists with aisle and bin locations, print your own labels, and create customized packing slips to improve brand awareness.
  2. Dropship order automation. Ecomdash allows you to receive sales orders from suppliers from all around the globe. Is someone sold out of an item you need? You can prioritize your sourcing list so that you have a back-up supplier, ensuring you don’t run out of inventory.
  3. Open eCommerce API. Cut down on wasteful errors and increase sales with ecomdash’s eCommerce API. The open API means you can sell on virtually any marketplace or platform. Leverage it to develop the app you want and take your products to market faster.

The Inventory Planner Advantage for Ecomdash Users

  1. Inventory forecasting. Inventory Planner provides accurate forecasting, taking out of stock days into consideration and providing several forecasting methods to fit your business.
  2. Forecast profit and dynamic reporting. Can’t get the reports with the statistics you need? Inventory Planner’s customizable reports mean you see the numbers that matter to you. Want to know how your store is growing? Compare sales weekly, monthly, or annually. Inventory Planner can forecast revenue based on both seasonal and non-seasonal sales.
  3. Forecast trends. Inventory Planner’s forecasting automatically incorporates demand trends for both seasonal and non-seasonal products. Leverage Inventory Planner’s platform to take the guesswork out of what is “hot.” Automatically pick up on trends when they appear to determine if you need more inventory.
  4. Manage kits and bundles. See demand for bundle components and easily create purchase orders based on replenishment recommendations to ensure your kits are never out of stock. Inventory Planner reports allow you to forecast demand for bundles and kits, all while transferring the assembled bundles to where you need them quickly and easily.

With this partnership between ecomdash and Inventory Planner, the sky is the limit for your eCommerce site. Control shipping, forecast inventory, and create reports your way.

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