New and Improved! Demand Planning for Assemblies and Bundles

We’ve made a number of updates so that demand planning for bundles and assemblies is clearer. This includes production planning for assemblies, which will help to optimize stock of components and finished goods.

Improvements include:

Adding a new field for ‘Assembly Time’ which will be separate from lead time.

Accounting for different lead times for components of an assembly.

New recommendations of ‘Next to Assemble’ to help with production planning. Replenishment represents components that need to be ordered, while ‘Next to Assemble’ shows that components need to be use to create that many assemblies (final goods for sale).

Showing forecasted stock of Assemblies and their Components as part of the Assembly forecast and replenishment breakdown.

Learn more about configuring bundles and assemblies in your account, understanding replenishment needs for components, and creating assembly orders.


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