XeroCon London 2019 recap

XeroCon London 2019 was a great opportunity to meet accountants, bookkeepers, Xeroes (team Xero), and partners from other apps in the Xero world. Here are some highlights for eCommerce merchants using Xero:

From Xerocon London 2019, passing along a couple of things that we’ve seen emerge as a trend.The Xero team rolled out some product announcements and some feature enhancements that are going to be coming in the next year and a couple worth mentioning.

One is that they’re really focusing on workflow automation. The goals is to automate the manual, tedious jobs that accountants, bookkeepers, small and medium sized businesses have to save time and increase accuracy. As a reminder, when you add Xero Integration to Inventory Planner, you can save your purchase orders straight to Xero from Inventory Planner, so that will both save you time and increase accuracy. It’s not going to be another step to take in your workflow.

The second trend from Xerocon has to do with cashflow and cashflow forecasting. As inventory planners, we think a lot about cash flow and forecasting what cash flow will be when ordering since we do forecasting around customer demand and inventory needs. Interestingly, Xero is going to be adding in some very short term cash flow forecasting.