Stop losing revenue due to stockouts. Avoid overstock that doesn’t produce return.

Your company is growing and using spreadsheets to manage your inventory needs takes too much time while still resulting in lost revenue due to running out of stock.

Sound familiar? We work with merchants every day who are in the same situation.

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How Inventory Planner can help?


All of your demand in one place

Connect multiple stores or marketplaces to see all of your sales, stock, and forecasted demand together. No more exporting spreadsheets from different platforms and trying to merge the information. All of your information is together at last.


Improve forecasting by tracking when you’ve been out of stock

Calculate customer demand based on how much is sold when products are available. Break the cycle of repeated stockouts by factoring in your stock history. Inventory Planner takes care of that for you starting with the first day you connect your store.


Maximize investment by prioritizing the most profitable items

Intelligently allocate your purchasing budget by identifying what stock is needed to produce the largest return on investment.


Customize to the variant level in order to produce more accurate forecasts

Plan for different lead times by vendor and location. Apply different forecast methods based on what different categories, brands, or products require.


Forecast for bundles, assemblies, and their components

Plan what you need to sell in virtual kits or manufactured items. Replenishment recommendations for raw goods ensure you have what you need on hand in order to create your finished goods.


Save time on purchasing

Receive daily notification for what to order so that you don’t run out of stock. Forecasted stock levels factor current stock levels and incoming inventory to alert you when it’s time to order.


Plan for future growth using open-to-buy planning

Consider your revenue goals and target stock cover to see how much inventory you need several months ahead of time.


Gain valuable insight to identify top performers

Compare products, categories, brands, or vendors to optimize profits and stockturn.

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Customize forecasting to consider seasonality, stockouts, and bundles




Create purchase orders based on replenishment recommendations




Forecasting for bundles, assemblies, and their components

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The Inventory Planner team is the definition of a customer centric organization with partners benefiting as an extension. With tremendous and timely help, they ensure customers are on-boarded and continually happy!

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Mark Cohen

Founder, Ops Set Inc

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Inventory Planner is a must-have app for anyone that is managing inventory. Inventory Planner makes forecasting and purchasing what you need so easy – even if you have bundles or production. Their development and support team are super responsive and lovely to deal with.

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Jeri Wambeek

Co-Founder, WAOConnect

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