Inventory Planning Software For Wayflyer Customers

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Inventory Planner, the #1 Inventory Planning Software for e-commerce businesses, and Wayflyer, e-commerce funding and insights, have teamed up to provide merchants the resources and technology needed to accelerate growth.

And the best part is, we’re offering Wayflyer customers 2 months free when you sign an annual contract with Inventory Planner! Fill out the form on this page to claim your offer and learn more.

Inventory Planner offers Wayflyer customers a platform to alleviate inventory worries by:

  • Avoiding spending resources on stock that’s not in demand, and accurately forecasting inventory to avoid missing revenue due to stockouts
  • Organizing and managing information from your sales channels, purchase orders, and supplier requirements — all in one place!
  • Saving time with automated workflows and accurate reporting
  • Improving cash flow, profits and customer satisfaction

Core Features

What could you do with Inventory Planner?

 Inventory forecasting


Accurately forecast customer demand

  • Customizable forecasting methods to suit your needs
  • Forecast for multiple inventory locations or warehouses
  • Make smarter replenishment decisions based on forecasted demand
  • Optimize accuracy by factoring in variants like supply lead time, stock-out periods and seasonality
Product Replenishment


Make data-driven replenishment decisions

  • Replenish the right products at the right time
  • Get alerted when it’s time to reorder to avoid losing sales
  • Save time on PO creation
  • Plan purchasing budgets to meet your revenue goals
Stock reporting


Gain an instant overview of your inventory performance

  • Automatically turn all your inventory and sales data into 200+ meaningful metrics with the level of detail you prefer
  • Reveal which items need to be reordered first to boost sales or profit
  • See the forecasted lost revenue or forecasted lost profit if you delay purchasing
  • Identify trends with flexible periodic comparisons