Best Inventory Planning System For Fast-Growing Merchants

Work Smarter So Your Inventory Works Harder

Get more from every penny you spend on inventory with intelligent forecasting and reliable buying suggestions.


Save tens of hours a month

(and stop errors) with simple automation


Flexible forecasting

to perfectly fit your unique needs


Improve your cash flow

by ending stockouts and overstock


Boost your profit

and avoid lost revenue with smart replenishment


Configurable reports

including our powerful Overstock Report


Achieve more with fewer people

slow your rate of hiring by three people on average

A Solution That Scales With You

Helping Founders, CEOs, COOs, Inventory Planners and Buyers do more with less.

"Almost instantly, I cut 50% on time spent planning inventory. I had hours a week handed back to me – it was amazing!"

Amber Bertram, Inventory Manager, Cara & Co

"Inventory Planner analyzes your data and gives you sales forecasting and buying recommendations that you can actually trust. It’s incredible."

James Ewens, Head of E-Commerce, FurnitureBox

"I tell other merchants that they can’t afford not to have Inventory Planner."

Michael Tomchin, Founder and CEO, Cycology

Features for Scale-Ups


Easily sync your systems

Connect out-of-the-box to leading platforms from Shopify to Shipbob for a powerful, flexible tech stack that can effortlessly handle rapid growth.


Best-in-class forecasting

Forecasts are updated constantly, factoring in seasonality, marketing, abnormal sales spikes and customer demand shifts – and allowing you to exclude sale periods – for ultimate accuracy.


Reliable Recommendations

Automatic purchasing and replenishment recommendations so you never miss a sale, and always have the right products at the right time to boost cash flow


Automated POs

Automatically turn your intelligent buying recommendations into POs, saving time and eliminating the risk of stockouts and overstock. Customize for each SKU, location, supplier, bundle, assembly or by custom category.


Configurable reports

Choose from 200+ metrics to create configurable reports your whole team can understand and act on. Get all your insights, including all sales and inventory data, in one place.


Scalable + configurable

As your catalog, sales channels and locations grow, your planning, forecasting, ordering and reporting powers can grow, too. With deep configuration, you can tweak settings down to the variant at every location.


Experienced experts

Our team of experts includes former Buyers and Merchandizers who truly understand the issues you face (and how to fix them). We’ll get you set-up quickly [weeks, not months!], and optimized for rapid return on investment. Plus, we offer ongoing priority support for growing brands.


Proven track record

Inventory Planner has a 10+ year proven track record supporting fast-growing brands with advanced forecasting and buying recommendations that can handle thousands of SKUs without breaking a sweat.


Spot trends

Use Inventory Planner’s configurable reports to quickly spot trends from one week (or one day) to the next.