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Demand Forecasting for Amazon

Inventory Planner empowers Amazon sellers to forecast demand, manage shipment plans, multichannel selling and more!
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Benefits of connecting Inventory Planner to your Amazon store
Connect to Multiple Regions
Connect to Amazon accounts in North America (US, CA, and MX), Europe (UK, FR, DE, ES, and IT) Japan, Australia, and India. Sales history and product information sync automatically.
Use Demand Forecasting
See replenishment suggestions for your products. Transfer the right amount at the right time.
Manage Shipment Plans
Shipment plans will be created in your Seller Central account automatically. Receiving information synchronizes with your Inventory Planner account to maintain accurate replenishment suggestions.
Forecast Profit
Make fast buying decisions by viewing forecasted profit. Clearly see your margins including platform fees and Buy Box pricing.
Print Shipment Labels
Inventory Planner also prints customizable shipment labels.
Aggregate MultiChannel Sales
View sales and product performance across channels including Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce and many more.
Control Bundling and Kitting Components
See demand for bundles and kits. Easily create purchase orders for needed components. Transfer assembled bundles quickly and easily.
Manage Multiple Warehouses
View customer demand by warehouse to see what stock is needed in each location. Easily manage transfers between warehouses in Inventory Planner
Avoid Long-Term Storage Fees
Clearly see inventory aging to avoid long-term storage fees at FBA warehouses.
How to get started
Connect your Amazon Seller Central account
Create an account in Inventory Planner. Choose your platform as Amazon and click "Sync" button. Sales history and product information syncs automatically. The first sync can take a while to compute replenishment suggestions for all your products.
Check out the replenishment report
The replenishment report shows you which and how many products need to be purchased.

For each product, view forecasted profit including platform fees and buy box pricing to see which products to sell.
Create purchase orders and shipment plans
Use replenishment suggestions to create purchase orders or transfers to FBA warehouses. Select several products in the report and use bulk actions to generate the purchase order with these products. When you're ready to send product to Amazon, Inventory Planner can create shipment plans to your Seller Central account. Print shipment labels in Inventory Planner to save time and money.
Sync your data automatically
Inventory Planner keeps your data up to date with Amazon. It pulls your new products and orders automatically while also syncing purchase orders and shipment plans with your Seller Central account when you create them in Inventory Planner.
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