Easy, Robust Integrations with ERP Systems

Get smart demand forecasting and inventory planning for your ERP

Inventory Planner seamlessly integrates with any ERP system.

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How it works

Robust, customizable ERP integration

Step 1

Import data from your ERP system

Automatically sync your product and sales order data from any ERP system to Inventory Planner.

Step 2

Customize your forecasting

Configure Inventory Planner’s forecasting models to best suit your needs and get the insights that really matter to your business.

As choosing the right settings are critical to enabling high-accuracy forecasting and inventory planning recommendations, we have an expert team to assist you in system connections, data migration and optimization, as well as forecasting model configurations, testing and bespoke training. With this peace of mind, you can quickly start releasing cash from excess inventory and reducing stockout rates to boost revenue in no time.

Step 3

Start smart, hassle-free inventory planning

Get always up-to-date, reliable demand forecasts and inventory replenishment or liquidation recommendations, even in the most turbulent marketplace. Speed up purchase order creation and management, harness your inventory and sales data in ways that work towards your business goals  and get real, data-driven insights.

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Find the balance of demand and supply to protect your cash flow and boost profits


Scattered, large data in one place

Consolidate all product and sales data from your ERP and any other systems in Inventory Planner, so you’ll have the insights that matter to your business available in one single source of truth and can make real, data-driven decisions.


Forecast accurately, buy confidently

Inventory Planner transforms your invaluable ERP data into smart, reliable customer demand forecasts. It constantly analyzes your selling patterns to accurately forecast demand for all your products. Then it tells you exactly what to buy and when to order.


Multi-location inventory planning

Know what and when to buy for every location including warehouses, brick and mortars, FBAs and 3PLs. Balance inventory with intelligent warehouse transfer recommendations that stop over-ordering.


Best-in-class overstock report

Inventory Planner flags up all items that aren’t selling in line with forecasted demand alongside key insights like overstocked costs, last sold date and overstocked units, so you can liquidate the most costly items first before they completely lose their appeal and drain your cash flow. 


Easy bundle and assembly for forecasting

Save time and avoid overbuying certain components and underbuying others with accurate forecasting and individual buying recommendations for all components.


In-depth insights made simple

Inventory Planner turns your complex, siloed inventory and sales data into 200+ meaningful and intuitive metrics (from top level detail to granular SKU-by-SKU analysis).


Plan your purchasing budgets

Inventory Planner’s Open-to-Buy (OTB) lets you plan your buying budgets by month or retail week. Plan at the level that works for you and include metrics like your previous years’ revenue, expected margins and even the exact number of units you need to order based on retail price.


Optimize shipping + storage costs

Scale your purchase order based on CBM or weight to max out shipping container or warehouse space and reduce costs.


Align your marketing with your forecasting

Signed up an influencer? Planning a big promotion? Sync your forecasts with your marketing, so you won’t annoy hard-won new customers by running out of stock.