Flexible CSV integrations

Automate your customer demand forecasting and inventory planning

Using a custom solution that isn’t integrated with Inventory Planner yet, or doing all your inventory forecasting and planning in spreadsheets? It’s time to automate – with Inventory Planner’s CSV integration. Sync your product, sales and purchase orders information to Inventory Planner and receive automated, always up-to-date demand forecasting and inventory planning recommendations.

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How it works

Flexible CSV integration

Step 1

Import data from your CSV files

Create an account in Inventory Planner. Use CSV connector to import data from your CSV files via Google Drive or Dropbox, making sure the permission is set to “Anyone with the link can edit the file”. The first sync can take a short while as Inventory Planner will do the full data analysis and inventory forecasting calculations for you. 

Step 2

Configure your forecasting

Configure Inventory Planner’s forecasting models to best suit your needs and get the insights that really matter to your business. As forecasting settings are critical to enabling high-accuracy forecasting and inventory planning recommendations, we have an expert team to assist you in system connections, data migration and optimization, forecasting model configurations, testing as well as bespoke training. Have peace of mind to quickly start releasing cash from excess inventory and reduce stockout rates to boost revenue in no time. 

Step 3

Start smart, hassle-free inventory planning

Get always up-to-date, reliable demand forecasts and accurate inventory purchasing or liquidation recommendations, even in the most turbulent marketplace. Plus, read your inventory and sales data in a way that works best for your business, while getting real, data-driven insights.

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Faster, always up-to-date inventory insights for better decision-making


Automate manual, error-prone calculations

Customer demand and market trends are rapidly evolving, so manual solutions will lead to you missing trends and making risky decisions. Simply sync your spreadsheets inventory and sales data to Inventory Planner to enable reliable, automated forecasting and smart inventory planning. 


Reliable, intelligent demand forecasting

Inventory Planner automatically analyses your CSV data to cleverly predict customer demand. It offers different forecasting models for all your products and factors in seasonality, promotions, YoY sales fluctuations, most recent sales trends and unusual spikes or drops in sales for ultimate forecasting accuracy.


Hassle-free, SKU-level inventory purchasing

No matter how many items you have, Inventory Planner tells you exactly how much inventory you need and when to order to meet forecasted demand. This works for all of your products (including bundles and assemblies) as well as new items, saving you hours on tedious, error-prone calculations. Plus, it offers key metrics like forecasted revenue / profit to help you prioritise your purchasing decisions. 


Act on your cash-drainers fast

Inventory Planner flags up all items that aren’t selling in line with forecasted demand and offers key insights like overstocked costs, last sold date and overstocked units, so you can liquidate the most costly items first before they completely lose appeal and drain cash flow. 


Plan your purchasing budgets

Inventory Planner’s Open-to-Buy (OTB) lets you plan your buying budgets by month or retail week. Plan at the level that works for you and include metrics like your previous years’ revenue, expected margins and even the exact number of units you need to order based on retail price. 


Powerful yet intuitive reporting

Inventory Planner translates your data into 200+ meaningful metrics that matter to your business performance and allows you to run the reports at the level you want – from warehouse level to SKU level. Plus, when integrating with Google Analytics, Inventory Planner allows you to couple your inventory data with marketing metrics for extra-detailed insights.