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Furniture Brand Styled For Success After Saving 12 Days a Month With Inventory Planner is fast-growing Amsterdam-based furniture brand, with a focus on fresh design, quality and sustainability. They use Inventory Planner to optimize stock, speed up decision-making and gain clear visibility across all KPIs.

“Your stock is your bank account – and Inventory Planner is vital for keeping it in good health”

– Dodi Atta Alla, Co-founder + Owner,

Most businesses take years to start turning over millions – and many businesses never do.

Rarely, a business becomes a multi-million-dollar success story in a matter of months – which is what’s happened with furniture brand

Based in Amsterdam, is an online DTC furniture company that has gone from zero to £7 million in less than two years.

With a focus on fresh design, quality and sustainability the business stands out from the crowd by offering free shipping to customers across the EU, with same day dispatch on 80% of orders and environmentally friendly designs.

Co-founded by established entrepreneur Dodi Atta Alla, the business primarily sells DTC in Germany, France, Netherlands and Belgium via its Magento webstore, with occasional wholesale.

Room for improvement

The team at started out planning inventory using spreadsheets but quickly found this to be an error-prone and time consuming approach.

It switched to Inventory Planner instead – and Dodi now credits the software with being instrumental to the company’s success.

Dodi says: “Our stock comes from China and Asia, so we have to decide today what we want in three months. It means forecasting demand can be tricky.

“We tried other software but our own manual calculations were always more reliable – until we tried Inventory Planner.

“It has been an amazing tool for us, helping us accurately predict demand and process purchase orders, as well as giving us next-level insights that have really helped us grow.”

As a top-rated inventory planning app, Inventory Planner shows e-commerce brands which inventory to order, how much to order, and the perfect moment to order it, based on an accurate calculation of how much a merchant will sell.

Its forecasts factor in supplier timescales, seasonality and promotions alongside historical sales data, which are then turned into easy-to-understand buying recommendations. Plus, it offers detailed reporting which can be customized to suit the needs of any business.

Merchants can access more than 200 customizable metrics and granular-level insights for SKU-specific forecasting.

The software proactively flags up which variants are selling well, as well as identifying slow-moving items. It also highlights key info, such as the potential revenue loss if reordering an item is delayed.

This has helped eliminate costly stockouts, increase stockturn and make faster, data-driven decisions to maximize profit.

Getting comfy with clear insights

Dodi says: “For us, our inventory is like a bank account. Say you have £100K in stock, but £80K is tied up in stock that isn’t moving – that’s £80K you can’t touch, which is a major problem.

“Inventory Planner flags up the age of all our stock, so we can keep turnover high. That’s important because the faster we can turn inventory into revenue, the better. We never want stock sitting in the warehouse for too long.

“Now, if Inventory Planner shows us an item hasn’t been sold within 60 days, we push it with email campaigns, discounts etc.“The KPIs from Inventory Planner don’t stop there either. It shows us which products are selling well (and which aren’t) in different time periods and for different types of margin.

“Previously, we’d have to combine multiple reports and do lots of manual analysis to get the same detailed insights that we get in just a click now – for instance, we can see the speed of sales for a particular product group in the last 30 days with a particular type of discount.

“It helps with revenue generation and sales opportunity, too, because lets us forecast the revenue and profit increase of ordering 100 chairs rather than 60, for example. The lost forecast revenue metrics are really valuable – it has helped us make hundreds of thousands more in revenue.

“It also helps us understand why, for instance, an office chair might sell out every month except June – and usually it’s linked to stock issues, which Inventory Planner also helps us solve.

“The big win for us of using Inventory Planner are all the insights I can see with the click of a button. The extensive reports are a joy to have. And the best part is, the longer we use the software and the more data it collects, the better the insights are.”

Raising the roof on success

With features including automatic PO functionality, stress-free supplier management and forecasts which factor in a variety of supplier lead times, has been able to make significant time (and therefore cost) savings.

Dodi says: “Placing orders isn’t a simple process for us if it’s done manually. It would previously be a full time job because it needs someone to analyze the sales in real time and be in touch with all our suppliers.

“But Inventory Planner makes it simple. It easily saves us three days a week – that’s 12 days a month, 144 days a year, which is a massive saving.

“Our whole team – including marketing, sales and purchasing – benefits from the efficiency savings, too. All our staff have access to Inventory Planner and they all use it and love it, but as the founder and owner, it also gives me the confidence to make decisions at the highest level.

“The set-up was easy and fast. We needed to combine different warehouses, so it wasn’t completely straight-forward, but the expert-led onboarding from Inventory Planner meant it was stress-free for us.

“It’s also a very user-friendly platform – we learned our way around it really quickly. And when we have had questions, we’ve found the support very friendly and there are tons of useful articles on the help center.”

“The big win for us of using Inventory Planner are all the insights I can see with the click of a button. The extensive reports are a joy to have.”

– Dodi Atta Alla, Co-founder + Owner,

With Inventory Planner at the heart of its tech stack, has grand plans to achieve even stronger growth in the next few years.

“Within five years, we want to be a household name for online furniture,” Dodi adds.

“To achieve that, we’re building a backend system that automatically brings in new products and ensures they are sold on time, according to Inventory Planner’s data.

“The sky’s the limit!”

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