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For E-Commerce Merchants

  • Stop losing revenue on out-of-stocks
  • Release cash from overstocked items
  • Optimize inventory purchasing

…all by knowing exactly how much you’ll sell and when.


4.5 rating


5 star rating


4.6 rating
Invenoty Planner in use
"Inventory Planner is the best forecasting and purchasing app out there. It connects directly to our Shopify and it literally takes me 15 minutes to create a new PO. Saves so much time and money!"

Monxi Garza, Sauvs Shoes

Core Features

What could you do with Inventory Planner?



Accurately forecast sales

  • Prevent overstocks and out-of-stocks by knowing how much you’ll sell and when
  • Go beyond your spreadsheet-based inventory forecasting and planning
  • Gain reliable and accurate sales predictions – even when the market fluctuates or demand shifts 
  • Easily generate sales forecasting for new products
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Make faster and smarter purchasing decisions

  • Know exactly what, when and how much to order/reorder – and to which warehouse 
  • Use customized metrics to prioritize your inventory purchasing decisions and maximise ROI
  • Easily create purchase orders directly from your replenishment recommendations
  • Plan your inventory purchasing budget to meet revenue goals
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Gain fully visibility of your inventory performance

  • Release cash tied up in slow-moving products with Overstock report
  • Run reports at granular or roll-up levels to get the specific insights you need 
  • Choose meaningful metrics that matter the most to your business
  • Spot sales trends via periodic comparisons
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Happy customers

Thousands of merchants have already transformed their inventory processes with our advanced demand planning.

"Inventory Planner has done a great job providing all relevant information at your fingertips, and with lots of customizability over what data to show.It will even take into account how much you're going to lose in sales dollars per day if you go out of stock."

Ryan McGrotty, Rep Fitness

"I love that Inventory Planner helps me know when to order new inventory and prevents me from ordering too much. It’s truly changed our buying power in just a matter of weeks."

Blake Heiner, Cruiser Gear

"With Inventory Planner, we’re able to keep ahead of our inventory needs so that our out-of-stocks stay low and our growth rate is a lot higher."

Bryan Chu, Bells of Steel

"We manage both our Amazon FBA and Shopify inventory with Inventory Planner and without it, we’d be lost."

Erik Rydingsvärd, Opposite Wall

What makes us special

Why Inventory

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    We’re the #1 for inventory planning software

    Nobody does sales forecasting and inventory purchasing suggestions like we do. Since 2012 (when inventory planning was still new), Inventory Planner has led the way in forecasting accuracy and intuitive inventory insight.

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    We’re the top rated choice for e-commerce brands all over the globe

    More than 2,300 e-commerce businesses benefit from Inventory Planner’s reliable demand forecasting and inventory planning – and they give us 4.5+ star ratings for service. 

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    We save customers millions in lost revenue

    Thanks to Inventory Planner, our customers have avoided millions in lost sales by knowing exactly what and when to reorder to meet demand – even when the market fluctuates. 


One system, 360° insight

We integrate with 30+ leading platforms, tools and systems to give you a complete picture of your inventory needs, even if you use multiple warehouses.

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