6 Of The Best Amazon Seller Tools To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Amazon is a really lucrative platform if you manage and market your brand well.  

With 95 million people with Amazon Prime, a subscription that gives members certain perks, it’s obviously an excellent platform for you to get started with, but you might need a little nudge to get you started.  

Believe it or not, there are SEO consultants and professionals that specialize in Amazon business. However, if this isn’t in your budget, you can employ available tools to increase sales volume and optimize your Amazon sales channel. These will be those that might prove to be useful, and might even become a tool that you cannot live without.  


Who’s this for?

This guide isn’t just for all the avid Amazon sellers — those that have been around for years and have already built a brand and loyal customers.

This is for the sellers who are selling on Amazon and are looking to boost their rankings or those who are looking for easier ways to manage their accounts.  


Without further ado, let’s look at the six best tools for Amazon sellers, which will help elevate your business — and push you to new levels.

Inventory Planner  

This is one of the best tools out there. It’s essentially an inventory forecasting tool. You’ll know, as an Amazon business owner, that the reordering process is extremely time-consuming — this handy tool helps out a lot with this entire process.  

Also, it allows you to create purchasing orders in just one click. It’s an automated tool which only makes the entire process incredibly easy and more enjoyable. The Inventory Planner tool will allow you to save a considerable amount of time and money, but also get an in-depth understanding of your customers’ preferences, by using their integrated analytics and its intuitive interface.

You can’t do much better than this tool, which will completely revolutionize how you work.  


What does Inventory Planner do?

● Automatic forecast replenishment — This helps you save time by automating the reordering process.  

● Invest in products — This helps you make the best financial decisions, which will help your business grow.  

● Releasing money — Helps you to move overstock, set discounts, and optimize the pricing of the products in your stock, based on detailed analytics. This will transform your business.  

● Track your business — See how your business is growing by tracking your profit, revenue, turnover, gross margin, and other stats. You can also see how fast your inventory is moving.  

● Purchase orders — This helps you save time, and keep track of outstanding or reoccurring purchases regarding your merchandising and more.  

If you’re looking for great inventory-planning for Amazon, Shopify, or dozens of other platforms— this is your go-to tool.



This is an FBA tool that you should be using every single day. In fact, you should be using multiple times a day.  

It alerts you when the price drops, and it also gives you updates on a product’s sales rank and price history. Obviously, this is all fantastic information for Amazon sellers.  

It’s a great way to know what’s happening in your industry and to ensure that you stay on top — and don’t make any mistakes.  


What does Camelcamelcamel do?

• Amazon Price Drop Alerts — Get alerts through email or Twitter when prices drop on Amazon  

• Browser Addons — You can add your price history charts to your browser, which makes tracking much more straightforward

• Amazon Price History Charts — You can view the price history of over 18 million Amazon products


Keyword Tool

Obviously, this is a vital tool to have — it’s exactly how it sounds. It’s a keyword tracker that tests out different keywords for various search engines. It’s a necessary tool to have for marketing purposes.  

SEO and Amazon go hand in hand. If you want to have a successful eCommerce business, whether that’s through your own website or a platform like Amazon, making sure you rank high on search results is an essential part of bringing in new customers.  

You can also opt to use Google Keyword Planner, which gives you the option to type in a bunch of search terms and notice straight away what their monthly hits are. This gives you a great idea of your competition and also shows you related keywords.  

More importantly, you should also consider translating and localizing your keyword research process in order to increase the efficiency of your outreach. There are now many services like Pick Writers that allow you to outsource this type of work, without having to hire an in-house team.

Many Amazon businesses use both.  



Shipping is an essential part of Amazon — it’s the beauty of shopping online. However, if you don’t get shipping right, you risk losing customers and receiving negative reviews.  

ShipWorks downloads orders from your online stores and makes them much easier to get them shipped.  

You can also use Shipworks for custom invoices, monthly reports, promotional emails, pick lists, and an array of different things. It’s a really fantastic tool to have onboard with you.  


What does ShipWorks Do?

It offers an all-around solution for speed, automation, and insights — marketed for high-volume sellers.  

You can integrate ShipWorks with anything, use barcode driven shipping, also known as Single Scan. This technology allows accessing a myriad of data on the characteristics of a particular package, like its weight, size, customs information, and so forth. More importantly, this allows you to store all of your product data collected from a variety of sources in a single place. This will significantly increase the speed of your process orders.  

ShipWorks has countless features that all benefit individual Amazon stores. Our top few picks are:

• Intelligent Order Routing  

• Barcode-Driven shipping  

• Shipper/User productivity reports — these features enable managers to have an in-depth understanding of the number of shipments processed by a particular shipper or user, along with the total cost of these shipments.

• Detailed User Auditing  — a feature that allows you to access audit records related to orders, users, shipments, and so on.

• Flexible payment options  


Currencies Direct

Amazon has truly made the world smaller, but that doesn’t eliminate the issue with international payments.  

Currencies Direct helps solve any problems that you may have with this. Basically, it makes the process off receiving money from international marketplaces, without worrying about your local bank accounts.  

Importantly, it can also save you around 3% on exchange rates.  


What does Currencies Direct do?

It’s a popular choice for the majority of Amazon businesses that are venturing internationally. It has high fees, expert support, and no fees. It also gives you the option to transfer online, through an app or over the phone.  

It offers you:

• Currency charts

• Currency converters

• Rate alerts  

• Today’s rate

It’s a great tool to have, if you’re looking for ways to reach a broader market, without losing out on money.  




Feedbackwhiz actually has multiple different tools, into one great platform — we know, it’s a little bit of a cheat.  

It provides you with a comprehensive solution because of its multiple different tools. Essentially, these tools help you track and analyze reviews — which is one of the most critical aspects of Amazon.  

Amazon reviews provide your customers with information and feedback on a product. Customers can see if a product is worth purchasing, using the reviews that other customers use.  

Obviously, in the past, brands have engaged in shady tactics and used fake positive reviews. However, Amazon has recently cracked down on this — making reviews more authentic and making users give them more authority again.  

As a seller, you should focus a large amount of your time on reviews — the negative and the positive. This tool will help you with this.  

Feedbackwhiz with help improve your product reviews, repair any negative ones, and automate your email strategy. It’s a big game-changer.  


What does Feedbackwhiz do?

Feedbackwhiz is an immaculate and simple design and has a fantastic interface that makes it easy to use.  

Their features include:

• Order management — All your orders, order metrics, and customer data can be synced and fully integrated into one screen. This will help save you time — integral for every Amazon business owner.  

• Feedback — You can create customized emails and campaigns to help maximize positive feedback.  

• Product Reviews — You can view, organize, and manage every single product review. You can also get a notification every time a negative review is posted so that you can jump on it.  

• Analytics — You can increase your profits and focus your attention on intelligent insights. This also allows you to re-target your customers. For example, you can create an example Facebook campaign to re-target customers.  

• Monitoring and notifications – FeedbackWhiz can monitor seller feedback, listing title changes, buy box changes, and product reviews. Not only do they help you manage your account, but keep it secure too.  

• Email automation — You can create useful templates and preview any edits using this handy tool. This helps to build relationships with customers.  

All in all, it’s a great tool that can significantly help your Amazon business.  



You’ve likely heard of this tool before. It’s a tool that provides a keyword and listing optimization solution.  

It’s a really advanced tool that proves to be one of the most successful and comprehensive solutions on the market.  

Again, this isn’t just one, singular tool — instead, it’s a dozen tools combined into one, making it extremely versatile and cost-effective.  

One of the most appealing aspects of Helium10 is that you check out what the rest of your particular industry is doing — this proves extremely useful.  

It’s a tool mainly used for competitor research, and is bursting with innovative ways to check out competitors, and offers ways that you can stay ahead of the market.  

Helium10 is an all in one package, for all the busy Amazon sellers out there — it helps you to stay ahead of the game, and provides you with information. It really stands out from some of the other tools on the market, in the way that it covers product research, keyword research, and ongoing maintenance.


What does Helium10 do?

Helium10, as we mentioned, is an extremely comprehensive tool that includes various features.  

• Index checker — This simply verifies that your listings keywords are being indexed — an essential feature.  

• Alerts — This helps you to monitor your listings, which helps with fraud and hijacking instances. This is a prominent feature for Amazon sellers.  

• Follow-up — Email automation that has been designed to improve customer experience  

• Frankenstein — The term given for extracting high potential search terms, all from keyword lists.  

• Trendsetter — Understand the seasonality and sale trend of any given product.  

• Magnet 2.0 — the name given to the tool that helps to quickly uncover the optimal keywords for your listings. This is amazing for those that focus heavily on SEO.  

• Keyword tracker — This allows you to track your keyword rank for your product listings. This is an ongoing process, made substantially easier.  

• Profits — The Amazon seller dashboard help you to understand your earnings. This is, without a doubt, an essential aspect as many people focus on making a profitable outcome.  

• Refund Genie — This helps you to keep track of damaged or lost products and helps to automatically submit them to Amazon for refunds.


We also feel it’s important to mention that Amazon also has a range of tools that can help you expand and grow your business. For instance, they offer advertising tools and other helpful features. As one of the most used seller platforms around, they have amazing perks and tools to choose from.  

We hope this handy guide helps you find the best tools for you and your Amazon company. Everyone will benefit and assist you in unique but innovative ways.  

Do you have any Amazon tools that you just can’t live without?


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