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Oliie Proudlock - Serge DeNimes

Serge DeNimes x Inventory Planner

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Serge DeNimes Luxury Jewellry

Who is Ollie Proudlock?

Oliver Proudlock is a reality TV star and founder of men’s luxury jewelry brand Serge DeNimes.

Proudlock’s brand Serge DeNimes uses Inventory Planner so the team is always across what products to buy and when to buy it as the business grows. Ollie and the team have used our brilliant forecasting software to quickly identify their best sellers and maximise sales potential - whilst saving hours each day by ditching spreadsheets. Now Ollie wants to help busy entrepreneurs like you to do the same!

"We have used Inventory Planner for a few years now and have saved tens of hours each week and boosted our sales potential by 20-30%. Couldn't recommend it enough!"

Oliver Proudlock

Inentory Planner

What is Inventory Planner?

Inventory Planner by Sage is the premier inventory planning software for retail, e-commerce and wholesale businesses. Our top-tier solution helps thousands of entrepreneurs and enterprise businesses across the globe to avoid spending countless hours toiling over tedious spreadsheets, prevent costly inventory planning mishaps due to product outages, and reduce unnecessary expense in terms of excess inventory and low performing items.