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Demand Planning for Peak Season: 7 Ways To Avoid Stock-Outs & Being Left With Excess Stock

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Black Friday and peak season should be a time for making bank and winning new customers – but it will hit different this year. Market shifts, supply chain issues and unpredictable consumer demand prompted by rising living costs mean getting your inventory levels just right will be a major challenge.

Sales from the last couple of years were likely affected by highly unusual events and unlikely to repeat anytime soon – more recent trends must also be factored in.

Our 7 best strategies to overcome these challenges are all revealed in this free guide, with actionable steps on how to put them into practice.

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  • The new forecasting strategies retailers are using to accurately predict demand, even while markets are moving quickly
  • The priority products you should be focusing on to boost sales and avoid cash-flow paralysis
  • How to minimize excessive stock while keeping your stockout risk low
  • Why retailers are ditching the ‘Just-In-Time’ approach and why you should too
  • Plus, much more!

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