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Accurate forecasts to end overstock and stockouts, boost sales

Market shifts, supply chain issues and unpredictable consumer behaviour mean it’s harder than ever to get your inventory levels just right. 

That is, unless you use Inventory Planner. 

Inventory Planner is the top-rated inventory planning app on Shopify. It tells you exactly which items to purchase – and exactly when to purchase them based on reliable forecasts of future demand, taking seasonality and market shifts into account – so you never overstock unpopular items or run out of stock when orders spike. Here’s how…


of retailers’ cash is
tied up in inventory

Know exactly what to buy, and when to buy it


Reliable forecasting – even when markets fluctuate

Inventory Planner cleverly predicts demand for all your products, including seasonal, non-seasonal, fast-selling, slow-moving, retail and wholesale products. Plus, it factors in seasonality, promotions, market shifts and your own sales trends to provide highly accurate forecasting you can trust – even when markets are turbulent.


Powerful purchasing recommendations

Reliable, time-saving buying recommendations are what Inventory Planner is famous for. Easily see how much inventory is needed and the best time to order, based on our accurate sales forecasting combined with your supply lead time and your desired stock cover periods. Simply adjust your settings when the supply chain fluctuates to avoid trapping your valuable cash in ‘safety stock’.


Time-saving, profit-boosting features

What’s more? To facilitate your decision-making even further, Inventory Planner reveals critical information, such as how much profit and revenue you’ll lose if replenishment is delayed. This means you can make data-driven decisions that will protect your bottom line. Inventory Planner even makes it quicker and easier to place purchase orders – simply do it directly from your Replenishment Report. 


Release cash from overstocked items

Peak season is the perfect time to discount or liquidate your unsold inventory to release cash and boost sales. But do you know which items are clogging up your warehouses? Inventory Planner flags the costs of each overstocked item, so you can easily see which items to liquidate first. Plus, you can spot slow-moving items at a glance – and quickly action discounts or promotions.


Intuitive inventory reporting

Inventory Planner doesn’t just offer purchasing recommendations – it unlocks full visibility of your inventory performance. Run reports by variant, bundles, assembly, product category, warehouse or vendor to get the insights you need. Plus, access critical metrics like forecasted lost revenue, forecasted lost profits and retail value to prioritise the goods that need to be reordered first.


Easy planning for new products

Want to test new product lines during the upcoming holiday season? Then you’ll need to know how much to buy. Inventory Planner can tap into historical sales of similar products to provide accurate forecasting and replenishment recommendations for new products. You can even narrow forecasting down by variants like size, color or pattern – which is particularly handy for apparel, fashion and jewelry retailers. 


Smarter budgeting for purchases

Inventory Planner’s Open-to-Buy feature allows you to prepare inventory budgets for each product category, brand and vendor based on your revenue goals. Simply use last year’s sales or forecasted sales to plan budgets for the upcoming months, factoring in a predicted increase or decrease based on upcoming promotional events or market shifts. This powerful feature is customizable and versatile, so you can use it for everything from analyzing actual revenue LLY (Last Last Year) to setting budgets based on expected margins.


Easier self-assembly of products

The ongoing supply chain crisis means more and more merchants are choosing to assemble components on their own to reduce costs and waiting times – so it’s vital to choose an inventory planning software that considers assembly. Inventory Planner accurately forecasts demand by assembly and offers replenishment recommendations for each component – so you can directly create purchase orders in just a few clicks. You’ll also have a planning view of the number of available assemblies you can make with in-stock components, and see upcoming assemblies once all purchased components have arrived.


Expertise and support

Accurate sales forecasting and inventory purchasing recommendations require a bespoke forecasting strategy that suits your business needs – so our experts are here to help. With over 10 years of experience focused solely on inventory forecasting and planning, we’ll make sure you get the most out of Inventory Planner by providing complete support; including optimizing your forecasting and replenishment configurations and training your team. 


Native e-commerce integrations

Alongside our native Shopify integration, Inventory Planner offers 30+ high-performance connectors to a range of e-commerce stores, marketplaces, inventory/order/warehouse management systems, accounting apps and Excel sheets. With these seamless integrations, your multichannel sales and inventory data can be automatically fed into Inventory Planner to enable reliable demand forecasting and purchasing recommendations.

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"We’re a seasonal business – we do a significant proportion of our sales in the run up to Christmas. Being able to accurately forecast our stock needs using Inventory Planner has been a huge help for us – we no longer have to spend hours on spreadsheets!"

Alvaro Gomez, Jimmy Lion

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