Know how much you’ll sell to get your inventory levels right

If you’re struggling with fluctuating inventory levels, it may be time to reevaluate your inventory purchasing processes.

Firstly, you’ll need to be clued up on how much of each item you’re likely to sell.

Here’s where Inventory Planner steps in. It’s a top-rated e-commerce inventory planning tool that predicts your future sales with razor-sharp accuracy. From there, it makes data-backed inventory purchasing recommendations for you – so that you’ll always know exactly what, when and how much inventory you’ll need to purchase in order to always meet demand. What’s more, it seamlessly integrates with sales channels like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Amazon, eBay and major inventory management systems.

Why you should choose Inventory Planner


Reliable forecasting for multiple locations

Knowing exactly how much you will sell is essential for making informed purchasing decisions. Inventory Planner cleverly predicts demand for each of your warehouses based on your historical sales and offers different forecasting methods for both seasonal and non-seasonal products. Easily adjust forecasts to factor in fluctuations like holiday seasons, flash sales, stockout days and market shifts for ultimate accuracy.


Faster, smarter inventory purchasing

Inventory Planner translates all of your sales forecasts and inventory data into intuitive replenishment recommendations – so you’ll know exactly which items to order, when to order and for which warehouse without the headaches of a manual inventory spreadsheet. Purchasing recommendations are available at variant, product category, bundle, assembly, vendor, or warehouse level. What’s more, you can even place purchase orders directly from those recommendations, in just a few clicks.


Release cash from overstocked inventory

Do you know which slow-moving stock is clogging up your warehouse –  and how much cash is tied up in it? Inventory Planner identifies all your overstocked items based on accurate sales forecasting. Plus, it offers critical metrics such as overstocked costs, overstocked units, last sold date and more – to help you determine which items need to be liquidated first to release cash.


Intuitive inventory reporting

Inventory Planner doesn’t just offer inventory purchasing recommendations – it also unlocks full visibility of your inventory performance. Run reports by variant, bundles, assembly, product category, warehouse or vendor to get the vital insights you need for more informed decision-making. Plus, you can choose from 200+ metrics to make reports completely tailored to your business goals.


Native e-commerce integrations

Alongside our native Linnworks integration, Inventory Planner offers 30+ high-performance connectors to a range of e-commerce stores, marketplaces, inventory management systems, order management systems, warehouse management systems, accounting apps and Excel sheets. With these seamless integrations, your multichannel sales and inventory data can be automatically fed into Inventory Planner to enable reliable demand forecasting and purchasing recommendations.


Expertise and support

Accurate sales forecasting and inventory purchasing recommendations require a bespoke forecasting strategy that suits your business models – so our experts are here to help. With over 10 years of experience focused solely on inventory forecasting and planning, we’ll make sure you get the most out of Inventory Planner by providing complete support; including optimizing your forecasting and replenishment configurations and training your team.

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