Go beyond your Excel spreadsheet-based inventory planning

Ditch the Excel spreadsheets – Inventory Planner automates your demand forecasting and inventory purchasing processes for extra accuracy.  


Core Features

More reliable, time-efficient inventory planning

Ever find yourself spending hours in Excel – building forecasting models, manually validating data, or fixing broken formulas all day? Do you feel nervous training a new team member to use your dense and complicated forecasting spreadsheet?

Automating the process can save time, reduce errors and have you less dependent on one person’s expertise. Inventory Planner, is a top-rated e-commerce demand forecasting and inventory planning tool that not only predicts sales with high accuracy, but makes intuitive purchasing recommendations to ensure you can always meet customer demand while smartly managing your cash flow. 


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tied up in inventory

Why Inventory Planner is better than spreadsheet-based inventory planning


Reliable forecasting for multiple locations

Inventory Planner cleverly predicts demand based on your historical sales, and offers different forecasting methods for both seasonal and flat-trending products. It also factors in variants like market fluctuations, festive periods and out-of-stock days for ultimate accuracy. 


Faster, smarter inventory purchasing

Inventory Planner doesn’t just predict demand – it also tells you exactly when to reorder items to avoid going out-of-stock by analyzing supplier lead time and your desired stock cover period. Purchasing recommendations are available at warehouse, variant, vendor, bundle and assembly levels. You can even place purchase orders within your Replenishment Report, saving valuable time. 


Release cash from overstocked inventory

Don’t let slow-moving products halt your cash flow and occupy your valuable storage space. Based on forecasted demand, Inventory Planner identifies all your overstocked items. Plus, you can access more than 200 metrics such as overstocked units, overstocked costs, revenue, retail prices and profits to determine which items should be liquidated first to release cash.


Maximize your revenue with out-of-stock products

Inventory Planner forecasts lost sales, revenue and profits for all of your items – so you’ll know exactly how much revenue you’re going to miss out on if an item is running out of stock. With this, you can prioritize the items that need to be reordered immediately to maximize profits.


Intuitive inventory reporting

Inventory Planner’s intuitive dashboard and handy reports keep you up to speed with your inventory performance, including best sellers, KPIs, periodic performance,  aging analysis and more. And you can run reports by SKU, product, brand, vendor, warehouse, bundle, assembly or any other custom category – to gain the specific insights that matter to your business.


Expertise and support

For more than a decade, Inventory Planner has been helping merchants like you forecast demand and plan inventory, starting before inventory planning was even a ‘thing’. Our experts will ensure you get the most out of Inventory Planner, including optimizing your forecasting and replenishment configurations, training your team and providing ongoing support.

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"I love that Inventory Planner helps me know when to order new inventory and prevents me from ordering too much. It’s truly changed our buying power in just a matter of weeks."

Blake Heiner, Cruiser Gear LLC


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Wondering how it all works?

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