10+ years vs 2 years of experience

The technology for smart sales forecasting and inventory planning isn’t built in a day. We’ve spent years fine-tuning forecasting models that can cope with differing merchants’ needs as well as a wide range of market fluctuations – and always deliver on accuracy.

While Cogsy started in 2020, Inventory Planner’s expert team has over a decade of experience in forecasting and purchasing. Inventory Planner has helped more than 2,300 merchants like you accurately predict sales, enabling informed inventory purchasing decisions.

Why choose Inventory Planner?


Forecast demand for multiple warehouses

Multiple warehouses, multiple sales channels, multiple headaches… Unlike Cogsy, Inventory Planner has you covered. Whether you’re using one warehouse to fulfill multiple sales channels or coupling a specific warehouse and sales channel together, Inventory Planner offers reliable inventory purchasing recommendations for each of your warehouses based on an accurate calculation of how much you’ll sell. 


Extra accuracy in fluctuating markets

Inventory Planner has flexible forecasting models that work for both seasonal and non-seasonal products. It also takes into account peak times such as Black Friday and Christmas, predicted stockout days and promotions for super accurate data. Seeing unusual sales trends recently? No problem – Inventory Planner also  forecasts demand and plans inventory by analyzing your most recent sales history. 


Complex inventory purchasing made simple

It’s smart to make decisions based on your sales figures, but interpreting data can become overwhelming. That’s why we do all the complex data analysis for you, quickly translating it into simple and intuitive purchasing recommendations. For instance, want to know which of your items you should reorder first to generate the most profit? Simply use the ‘Forecast Lost Profit’ metric when creating a report.


30+ native integrations

While Cogsy only integrates with 10 e-commerce platforms, Inventory Planner offers  high-performing integrations with 30+ big name apps including Shopify, Amazon, BigCommerce, Magento, QuickBooks, Xero, Shipbob and more. We also have a CSV connector that easily syncs your spreadsheet data to Inventory Planner. 


Intuitive, comprehensive inventory reporting

We make it easy to create custom, in-depth reports that give you full visibility of your inventory, so you’ll always have up-to-date insights into how sales are going. Your reports can be as granular or as general as you like – simply tweak the settings according to variants, bundles, assembly, product category, warehouse or vendor. Want more specific data? Easy – there are more than 200 metrics available, so you can focus on the  KPIs that matter most to your business. 


Expert-led configuration and training

At Inventory Planner, we don’t just offer the best-in-breed demand forecasting and inventory planning tool, We also provide expert-led forecasting strategies and bespoke training to ensure your whole team is up-to-speed in using smart inventory planning for your business.

A more advanced, more reliable alternative to Cogsy…


Inventory Planner


Years of expertise in e-commerce demand forecasting

Since starting in 2012, we have over a decade of experience

Only 2 years of experience, launched in 2020

Native integrations

We have 30+ native integrations and a CSV connector

Only 10 integrations

Multi-warehouse forecasting

Sales forecasting and purchasing recommendations for multiple warehouses

Multi-warehouse forecasting

Wholesale sales forecasting

Forecast separately for wholesale inventory orders and retail orders

Wholesale forecasting


Plan your purchasing budgets to meet your revenue goals

Open-to-Buy functionality

Assembly BOM

Assembly / light BOM functionality

Assembly / BOM functionality

"Inventory Planner is the best forecasting and purchasing app out there. It connects directly to our Shopify and it literally takes me 15 minutes to create a new PO. Saves so much time and money!"

Monxi Garza, Sauvs Shoes

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