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Buy the right inventory at the right time to avoid overstock and out-of-stock

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Know how much you’ll sell to get your inventory levels right

With our native Amazon integration, you can easily start getting data-driven inventory purchasing recommendations based on an accurate calculation of how much you will sell. Never run out of stock again and always know exactly which items are overstocked so you can release and reinvest your cash.


Amazon -> Inventory Planner

  • Product information, sales orders and shipments from your Amazon store are synced to Inventory Planner.
  • Received purchase orders in Amazon are automatically synced to Inventory Planner.

Inventory Planner

  • Forecast demand for your products, variants, warehouses, bundles, vendors/suppliers or assemblies. 
  • Get replenishment recommendations to reorder at the right time.
  • Create purchase orders directly from your Replenishment Report.
  • Run various inventory reports to understand how your inventory is performing. 

Inventory Planner -> Amazon

  • Inventory Planner will automatically sync the prepared transfer to your Amazon store.

Key features for Amazon merchants

Reliable customer demand forecasting

Forecasts are updated constantly, factoring in seasonality, marketing, abnormal sales spikes and customer demand shifts for ultimate accuracy.


Smarter, easier inventory purchasing

Get automated buying recommendations that are easy for your whole team to understand. Customize for each SKU, location, supplier, bundle, assembly or by custom category. No more over (or under) ordering!

Best-in-class overstock report

Insights you won’t get anywhere else that enable you to liquidate excess inventory without having stockouts, like last sold dateoverstock units and overstock costs.

Align your marketing with purchasing

Signed up an influencer? Planning a big promotion? Adjust your purchasing to factor in the potential order spikes, so you won’t annoy hard-won new customers by running out of stock.

Multi-location inventory planning

Get reliable inventory purchasing and warehouse transfer recommendations based on up-to-date forecasts, for each of your locations including your physical stores, warehouses, FBAs and 3PLs.

Bundle and assembly inventory planning

Inventory Planner breaks forecasts down to component level and tells you how much inventory of each component is needed, plus when to order it.

Simple, powerful reports

We turn your complex, siloed inventory and sales data into 200+ meaningful and intuitive metrics (from top level detail to granular SKU-by-SKU analysis).

Optimize shipping + storage costs

Scale your purchase order based on CBM or weight to max out shipping container or warehouse space and reduce costs.

Cleverly predict sales for new products

Inventory Planner ‘borrows’ sales data from similar products to predict demand for new items (including size, color, fabric and pattern), slashing the risk of over or under ordering.

Happy customers

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"Inventory Planner has done a great job providing all relevant information at your fingertips, and with lots of customizability over what data to show.It will even take into account how much you're going to lose in sales dollars per day if you go out of stock."

Ryan McGrotty, Rep Fitness

"I love that Inventory Planner helps me know when to order new inventory and prevents me from ordering too much. It’s truly changed our buying power in just a matter of weeks."

Blake Heiner, Gruiser Gear

"With Inventory Planner, we’re able to keep ahead of our inventory needs so that our out-of-stocks stay low and our growth rate is a lot higher."

Bryan Chu, Bells of Steel

"We manage both our Amazon FBA and Shopify inventory with Inventory Planner and without it, we’d be lost."

Erik Rydingsvärd, Opposite Wall